a range of great wines

a range of great wines

Jean-Luc Baldès’ strength of character and perseverance have led him to understand how to exploit his best plots of vines to make quality wines. He has known how to develop his varied range of wines at the highest level without loosing the very essence of this traditional winery, passed down to him after so many generations.

The talent and creativity of Jean-Luc has produced a wide selection of wines, each one of which is as audacious as the next one: amongst the reds based on the malbec grape you will find the remarkable New Black Wine, the prestigious Probus, the Trilogie selection, the classic Clos Triguedina and the pleasant Petit Clos.

The ‘Vins de Lune’ are a family of wines from the region (vins de pay) including rosé, red, sweet and dry whites, to which has been added recently the very first sparkling malbec rosé called Bul’s and a pure malbec fortified wine called Black Vintage!

Clos Triguedina’s wines can be found on the tables of some of the best restaurants and important institutions in France (such as the Presidential Palace, Ministries, the Senate and the National Assembly, Michelin-starred restaurants.)

The press, too, regularly sings the praises of this family estate, making reference to the numerous medals and prizes awarded by wine specialists.

The estate wines are to be savoured one by one like notes on a musical score, each one worthy of attention while together they form the complexity of an opera in which Jean-Luc Baldès is featured as one of the leading tenors of Cahors wine.

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